Giuseppe Pucciarelli

A cool and creative designer that makes websites.

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I'm a Designer & Developer

  • Name: Giuseppe Pucciarelli
  • Job: Freelancer
  • Age: 26 Years
  • Residence: Italy
  • Hometown: Milan

Most of my work requires the use of technologies such as HTML, CSS and Javascript. Besides the competences related to these languages, during my educational path I also deepened my knowledge of SEO, SEM and Web Marketing strategies, which are, according to me, very important competences in the digital sphere. During my professional experience, I took part to several projects taking care of the realization of websites and organizing email-marketing campaigns. All the websites that I have created are designed with the technique of Responsive Design, which allows the content to be adaptable to all devices and resolution. Moreover, in my job I always use frameworks and libraries that allow the development to be less time consuming. For several projects, I also took care of the content management (CMS) using wordpress and drupal. As far as the design, creation and realization of graphic elements is concerned, I always use the Adobe suite.
During the last years, thanks to my professional experience and personal passion for this field, I had the chance to enlarge the range of my competences learning to use also other technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and several new API for Javascript.

My Skills


User experience

Adobe creative suite

information architecture


responsive design

Web Design

interaction design

My Education

  • Politecnico di Milano


    User Experience Design



    Rafforzamento delle tecniche del Web Design.

  • Galdus


    Diploma di specializzazione in Web Designer.

My Experience

  • Creative Developer

    South Garage 2016
  • Frontend Developer

    Contactlab 2015-2016
  • Web Designer

    Razorfish 2014-2015

My Clients

Giuseppe mi ha aiutato nel concepire e realizzare il blog di Giovanni Gastel Jr chiamato House of Words con grande serietà e professionalità. E' una persona capace, puntuale, veloce e molto disponibile oltre che competente. Continueremo a collaborare con lui.

Manuela Baruzzi

Communication/Office manager at 21 Investimenti

My Clients

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Via Nicastro 1,
Milano, 20139

388 1715103